Thank you for joining us at the festive HTMC President’s Coffee on October 3rd at The Junior League.

After a delicious brunch, President Roy Wylie and members of the HTMC Executive Board introduced the programs for the upcoming season. These are listed in your Yearbook. The chairs have really outdone themselves this year in arranging fascinating and musically interesting events for you. You will not want to miss a one of them, so as soon as your Yearbook arrives, be sure to mark all the dates on your calendar!

We were then treated to a moving program of varied repertoire by Dr. Todd Miller, tenor, with Dr. John Cornelius on the piano. “Houston, Harvey, and Hope” was the theme, and Todd presented a moving program of his journey through the emotions of anticipating, experiencing, and coping with the aftermath of the storm. What a meaningful experience this was for all of us.

Ask your friends what a great time we had! Come be part of it next time, as we go back to the Junior League for the Holiday Coffee on December 12th. See you there!

Dr. Roy Wylie, 2016-18 President, Houston Tuesday Musical Club