Meet our Performing Members! Better yet, come hear them perform.  Check out our Tuesday Meeting webpage to see who is performing or go to our Facebook page.

If you are a musician who loves performing for a very appreciative audience, please contact our Auditions Chairman Jane Perkyns for an audition.


Nancy Angerstein, clarinet
Olive Chen, cello
Kelly DeVaney, flute
June Garrison, clarinet
Alicia Harris, flute
Ning-Chih Hsu, violin
Carolyn Krysl Hutchinson, flute
Bruce Leon, oboe
Martha Lisle, cello
Sonya Matoussova, cello
Molly Mayfield, clarinet/bass clarinet
Steven McMillan, viola/violin
Deborah Moran, violin
Cindy Qin, harp


Dr. Krume Andreevski, solo/ensemble
Cynthia Blackwell, ensemble
Rada Bukhman, solo
Meryl Ettelson, solo/ensemble
Anne Franc, solo
Sonya Gorodetskaya, piano
Madge Waterston Hunt, solo/ensemble
Yigal Kass, solo
Galina Lay, solo/ensemble
Sharon Ley Lietzow, solo/ensemble
Dr. Matthew Loudermilk, solo
Gayle Martin, solo
Dr. Jane Perkyns, solo/ensemble
Katarina Ryndina-Loudermilk, solo
Charlie Tauber, ensemble
Alina Uddin, solo/ensemble
Janice Van Derbur, solo/ensemble
Dr. Roy Wylie, solo/ensemble
Dr. Ying Zhang, solo


Dr. Isabelle Ganz
Bruce Leon
Dr. Robert Nelson


Anita Bonanno, soprano
Nancy Shelton Bratic, soprano
Lindsay Kate Brown, mezzo-soprano
Sonja Bruzauskas, mezzo-soprano
Mary Kay Buehler, mezzo-soprano
Alicia Chew, soprano, conductor (chorus)
Kelli Estes, soprano
Frances Fenton, dramatic soprano
Dr. Isabelle Ganz, mezzo-soprano
Carla G. Hammock, soprano
Rebecca Howell, soprano
Christy Larimer-Compson, mezzo-soprano
Dominique McCormick, soprano
Todd Miller, tenor
Marion Norris, mezzo-soprano
Kaarin Phelps, mezzo-soprano
Suzanne (Suzie) Melton Pearson, contralto
Elizabeth Sjoberg, soprano
Sandra Van Cleve, contralto, voice teacher


White Oak Trio
Martha Lisle, cello
Steven McMillan, violin


Catherine Woodruff, vocals, mezzo-soprano